Getting Camp Ready for the Summer

Getting ready for the summer a former teacher wanted to start an enriching camp.  Our clients problem was if they did not have a website then sponsors, donors, parents, and potential campers would not have a chance to see how great of a camp it was.

Software Blueprint started by gathering information on all of the great services the camp provided.  We focused on displaying how much fun the camp would be but also on value of beneficial services the camp provided.

We created a Social Media Marketing plan and implemented these campaigns targeting potential parents and campers.

A software solution was implemented using Active Works.  This software manages camp forms, sign ups, applications, allergies, payment gateways, and connects to the clients bank account.

Following the development of the website and the targeted approach to its web build, we are happy to say our camp received numerous donations from the largest distributers in their area and the camp was a success and will be for years to come!