A Non Profit with a Big Goal

Our non profit client reached out to Software Blueprint when they needed assistance with some minor changes in their already existing Squarespace account.  We agreed to make minor changes for our client.  Our client proceeded to ask Software Blueprint for consulting advice on how to manage their account funds and donations efficiently.  A solution was found and a combination of Paypal Business and Quickbooks Online were implemented and set up for easy use by our client or any of their staff.

After building a strong relationship of trust and reliability our client was ready to take the next step.  They were not happy with the options that Squarespace left them with and wanted to take their website to the next level.  Software blueprint built them a visual friendly website created using heavy amounts of professional videography and hi definition photos.  A strong theme was created based upon different groups at the non profit and allowed room for more!  Media pages were created to display all of the news, radio, and magazine articles on the non profit.  Donation software was used and payment gateways and bank account connections were completed.

This non profit now has a platform to fit its big goal!