Pediatric Practice Going Paperless

When the paper started stacking to the ceilings and files were getting hard to funnel through, Software Blueprint had just the answer.  Software solutions were put to the test and Vtiger would be used to create electronic forms and files.  We customized fields to fit the exact format and questioning of the pediatric practices paper forms and applications.  Instead of the patient’s parents having to fill out forms with pen and paper while waiting on the doctor, parents could now logon to the clients website and have the information filled out before ever heading to the doctors office.

Access to important patient files were then determined by position at the practice.  Doctors could only have access to their own patients files to protect the privacy of others.

Staff could now have access to all of their patients information by simply logging into their account, eliminating the need to funnel through thousands of files and wasting hundreds of hours!

Not only was a new software built but this software could be sold and redistributed!