The Fitness Gurus

Our fitness clients reached out to Software Blueprint when they needed someone reliable to host their already existing website.

We accessed their domain holder and pointed their domain towards Software Blueprint servers.  The next step was ensuring a clean transfer of all code and content from the previous server to ours.  A FTP file transfer was completed and our clients were up and running as if nothing changed.

All business must grow, adapt, and evolve or they will fall behind the newest competition.

Our fitness gurus were ready for a complete web design makeover and asked Software Blueprint to lead the way.  We restructured pages for a clear path to wanted content.  We delineated the focus of the homepage to target our clients strongest services.  We optimized our clients results for search engines and social media.  We created an eCommerce cart and connected it to payment gateways and bank accounts.  New services were added to the website and consultations on self edits were implemented.  We added software to our clients website displaying social media showing why our client has 300K plus followers.

Only a few weeks later our clients were ready for an additional website to boost their business!