The Brokerage Firm Ready for Growth

When Software Blueprint was contacted, the brokerage firm was looking to gain a better understanding of how to use social media, specifically Linkedin.  We did an extensive review of the firm and their direct competitors large and small.  We then did a review of the firms social media contacts.  Using the data analyzed and gathered, we built a digital marketing strategy focused on targeted new clients and clients that already had given services but could save money with a new plan.  Detailed content was written and delivery strategies were suggested.

Software Blueprint then provided the brokerage firm with a new website.  The firm was established yet had not updated software or web designs in over a decade causing it to perform at a lower level of efficiency.

An updated website was built focusing on the firms greatest strengths and delivering service content in an easy to understand method.  Our web design created a user friendly environment that allowed potential clients to get access to the service they need without mass confusion, separating the brokerage firm apart from its competition.

The job did not stop here.  The firm had been sharing client data by sending emails and writing down basic notes.  Software Blueprint delivered a CRM to the brokerage firm customized to their specific needs.  Each time new client information was received, the brokerage firm partners entered the client info into the CRM.  At the point every partner at the brokerage could access the client information from anywhere in the world as long as they have internet!

Welcome to the power of the cloud!