October 29, 2015

Digital Branding

Search Engine Optimization (Included with Website)

  1. Meta Data Management for page titles, descriptions, keywords, and more
  2. We optimize content for better search results
  3. Ensure Page titles are optimized by content and character count
  4. Use saturations counts to make sure we do not over optimize pages
  5. Keyword Management as we set keyword priorities
  6. Optimize all photos on your website
  7. Edit all descriptions to ensure elegant representations on web searches and social media posts
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Optimizing Social Media (Upon Request)

  1. We build and suggest marketing strategies focused on optimizing your social media contacts
  2. Reevaluate social media content and pictures to bring together a single brand through social media and your website
  3. Building of original social media pages
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Digital Marketing Strategies (Upon Request)

  1. Build long-term marketing goals and explain how your website is a major part of marketing success
  2. Delineate your target audience and build marketing strategies for initial contact
  3. Research and Identify top competitors
  4. Why choose you over your competitor?
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Branding (Upon Request)

  1. Employer Benefit Solutions
  2. Event Planners
  3. Logo Graphic Designers
  4. Catering
  5. Professional Videography
  6. Professional Photography
  7. Printing Material
  8. SEO Campaigning
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